Practice 25 – Rib Cage in the Clock Face

Ribcage in the Clock Face

In this practice, you are going to use movement through the clock face to see if you can get extra movement into your rib cage, as well as connect the movement of your arms, to see how this is connected and increases mobility.

The aim of this practice is that you get to feel how each part of your upper body, has the ability to increase range of movement, and get into small joints so that you can also feel the spiralling of your muscles through your spine.

1. Stand in the clock face so that your feet, knees, hip flexors, pelvis, and spine are aligned.

2. Allow your pelvis to rotate towards 3 O’Clock, as far as it can go before any part of the tripod of either of your feet wants to leave the ground.

3. You should feel a natural stop of your pelvis, with your belly button facing towards about 1 O’Clock.

4. Then, leaving your pelvis at 1 O’Clock, see if your spine and ribcage can rotate further towards 3 O’Clock, always keeping your tripods firmly on the ground

5. When your ribcage comes to a natural stop, bring up your right arm so it is 90 degrees from the side of your right thigh.

6. Next, with your arm at 90 degrees and the palm of your hand facing the floor, directly in line with your thigh, see if your ribcage is now able to rotate a little bit further towards 4 or 5 O’Clock.

7. When you reach a natural stop, rotate your arm so that your thumb moves upwards and backwards.  Your shoulder joint will slightly rotate.  See if your ribcage then goes slightly further around the clock face.

8. Can you feel your opposite shoulder blade contracting in the area between your spine?  See if you can really contract this area and feel your spine spiralling and engaging.

9. Then slowly rotate your hand so your palm is again facing the ground, then rotate back to where you lifted your arm, and lower it from there.

10. Next allow your ribcage to move back above your pelvis, and then bring your pelvis back to 12 O’Clock

10. Repeat this movement on the other side