Practice 26 – Feeling into your Shoulder Blades (Scapulas)

Feeling your Shoulder Blades (Scapulas)

It is helpful to understand a little bit about the structure of your shoulder.  Here is an image to give you an idea of what you are mobilising when you do these exercises:

1.  Go back to Practice 21 ‘Using the ground to connect’ and repeat it, but this time bringing your attention to your scapulas and shoulder joints when you do the inhaling and contracting

2. After repeating 21, stand up and let your arms hang down by your sides and take your shoulders backwards, squeezing and feeling into your shoulder blades on either side of your spine.

3. Try this on the in-breath and on the out-breath, do you notice a difference in how much you can contract your shoulder blades based on what your breath is doing?

4. Does it feel the same or different in the left and right shoulder?

5. Now, keep your elbows touching the sides of your ribcage (as if they are glued there), with your lower arms at a 90-degree angle to your upper arms, with your palms open and facing upwards

6. Keeping your elbows stuck to your rib cage, take your hands towards each other and then as far away round towards your sides as they can go.  Keeping your attention on the sensation in your shoulder blades.

7. The important learning point here is that you have a sense of your shoulder blades before you move on to the next practice!