Practice 27 – Rocket Shoulders

1.  Stand in the clock face facing 12 O’clock with a correct tripod, hip flexors engaged, neutral pelvis and ribcage

2. Throw your arms upwards so your hands are pointing towards the ceiling (this is called flexion)

3. Notice how far your arms can go backwards above your head before your shoulders naturally come to the end of their range of movement

4. Repeat this a few times, notice if it feels the same in the left and right shoulder

5. Look in the mirror while you do this and notice if your arms are straight or bent.  You want to fully extend your arms while you do this

note: In this photo, notice how one arm is straighter than the other.  Are your arms different or the same?

6. Play with doing this movement with your pelvis in anterior tilt and then posterior, can you feel a difference? What feels better?

7. Play with doing this movement with your ribcage rising with the in-breath and sinking with the out-breath.  What do you notice about your range of movement?