Practice 29 – Shoulders at 2 & 10 O

Shoulders at 2 and 10 O’Clock

In this practice, you are going to gain the ability to separate the movement of your shoulder joint and the movement of your scapula.  

You will understand how completely separate their ranges of movement are.  You will also be spreading and opening the muscles in your upper back, whilst contracting and compressing the muscles in your chest.

1. Align the tripods of your feet with your pelvis, hip flexors, and ribcage

2. Have your arms hanging very loosely at 3 and 9 O’Clock

3. Make sure that your wrists and hands are soft and do not use them to lead the movement of the shoulders

4. Now begin to send your scapulas towards 2 and 10 O’Clock, until you come to a natural stop and end of the range, you should feel a spreading and opening at the top of the back of your shoulders.

5. The palms of your hands should now be facing towards the front of your thighs, with your thumbs pointing towards each other

6. Now very slowly rotate your wrists so your thumbs turn inwards towards your thighs until they are continuing to rotate away from your body.  This will automatically rotate your shoulder joints and you will create more of a spreading and opening at the back of your shoulders

7. Do not over-rotate if you feel any discomfort, only stay within a range of movement that feels safe to your body

8. Now, slowly unwind your wrist and shoulder joint, followed by slowly moving your scapula back from 2 and 10 O’Clock, to 3 and 9 O’Clock.

9. Repeat this movement a few times, making sure you get to the end of the range for both the scapula and the shoulder joint.  Try to get your movement to feel smooth and fluid, whilst also feeling the distinct difference between the range of motion of your shoulder joint and your scapula

Shoulders at 2 & 10 O’Clock