Practice 40 – Retraction and Protraction

Retraction and Protraction

In this practice, you are going to experiment with sending the bottom of your jaw forwards, which is protraction and then drawing it back in which is retraction.

This is not a common movement to do.  It will probably feel strange and awkward.  It will take practice but will become more familiar and easier with time.

This movement gets into the neck, and the connective tissue of the head, so it is a good workout for areas around the skull!

(you can be sitting down for this practice)

1. Set yourself up in front of a mirror with your eyes on the horizon

2. Send your chin forwards, without moving the rest of your head.  Keep your eyes on the horizon, so you know you are not lifting your chin upwards.

3. Release your chin back to neutral.  Now send your chin forward, but this time with your attention on the area of your jaw directly in front of your ears.

4. You could put your hands on the area of your jaw in front of your ears to give some sensation and sensory awareness to the area

5. Now draw your chin in towards you as much as you can from your chin

6. Now draw your chin backward, but more with your focus on the joint of the upper and lower jaw in front of your ears

Jaw Protraction and Retraction – Anatomy In Motion