The 10 Minute Fix

Give Me 10 Minutes and I am going to show you a simple technique that will help you…

  • Reduce how much pain you are feeling in your body.
  • Get rid of the stiffness in your joints and muscles.
  • Realign your posture so that your body is relaxed and your muscles can let go.
  • Dramatically reduce how much stress is stuck in your body.

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Get Into Your Body Level 1

If you are struggling to get out of bed, do your shoes up, pick up a child or any other movement, then register now for Get Into Your Body Level 1.

This is the course that everyone should do.  It gives you the keys to your own body and how to move it correctly to release chronic pain or stiffness.

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Your 15 Minute Gait Assessment

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Send In your Gait Video and discover how the way you walk may be creating pain in your feet, or discomfort further up your body!

Simply click on the image above, and it will take you to the instructions to make your slo-mo video.

You will then get a free 15 Minute 1-1 Assessment, and an explanation of how the way you walk is impacting your body.

Create Your Video (LINK)

Head to Toe & Inside out Wellness

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Your bespoke wellness package…

  • One-One Sessions
  • Get Into Your Body Level 1 & 2
  • The Body & E-Motion
  • The Ixchel DNA Pain Relief System
  • 4 Week Detox

Find Out More

The Positive Power of Pain Podcast

Go and check out the episodes covering subjects from Foot Pain to Grief, Digestion to shoulder pain.

There is something for everyone, for prevention and treatment.

Your body is giving you constant messages through the Positive Power of Pain!

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The Ixchel System on Youtube

I have created educational and practical videos to help you feel better.

There are FaceBook Lives, that will help you walk better.

Or simply learn about your nervous system and how to calm your body. 

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