Freedom from chronic pain

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Access tools, practices and live workshops to keep every part of your body and mind on track

Are you in pain?

Is your energy low?

Do you want your body to move more freely?

Do you feel alone or confused about your health?

If so, we have a Plan for you, to keep you on track.  

Plan Details

Online Audio Courses

Essential Nutrition Courses & Workbook

Mindfulness Practices & Workbooks

Monthly Health Planner

Weekly Live Stream Workshops (40 Weeks per year)

Facebook Community

Live Zoom Workshops

Individual Assessments

Bi-monthly 1-1 Session

40% discount off in person workshoos

Access all health programs

16 x 1-1 Sessions per year

Personal Health Reports

WhatsApp Support


Bronze Plan £30 pm

Silver Plan £99 pm

Gold Plan £300 pm