Burnout to Bulletproof – The Revive Program 2023

Daily stressors, relationships, work overload or financial overwhelm will always be having an impact on you.  Some people will struggle with mental health, for others it will be back pain, or any other weak point in your body may struggle with any added pressure.Generally, a typical day in the clinic consists of agitated humans coming for support, where they can express feelings of being misunderstood, lacking in energy, struggling with a pain, and having little time or money to take the action they need to ‘feel better’ – until rock bottom brings them to the seat beside me, or my personal zoom room.Why did my doctor not tell me this? Is a common quote…



How many items on the list below can you tick when it comes to your health?➡ You are your own health professional➡ You can take the confusion out of what’s happening to your mind or body➡You easily find time for pain relief practices➡You naturally rest your body and feel time rich➡ You access the amount of support you need ➡You know exactly what works for you➡ You never need pain killers for a specific pain challenge➡You see your massage therapist, osteopath for maintenance and not dependence➡You do all the activities you love doing, pain and ill health never stops you doing what you love!➡ You immediately feel the results from efforts you make➡ You know how to create the energy you need➡You feel motivation running through your day➡You are not beholden to medication➡You are confident about making your own health decisions➡ You feel blessed and grateful for learning about your body and mindIf you can’t tick off many of the above then it could be that you have:Physical pain or emotional stress keeping you in a state of overwhelm with BURNOUTWork relationships that make you quiver insideSocial anxiety making communication difficult, because you don’t feel like yourselfThe treadmill of waking up each morning and struggling to turn off that alarm clock++++++The Ixchel System has this vision for youA life that motivates you,Responsibilities that uplift youRelationships that nurture youHow to you create this type of alignment needs to span your personal and work-life. The Ixchel System has the expert strategies you need for this.The solution is in your internal environment, the scaffolding of your body, and we provide and extraordinary experience of how to get your body/mind from burnout to bulletproof.We will align your biomechanics, physiology, personality and DNA. Your personality is creating your personal reality, however, most people have unconscious movement patterns and habits keeping them in a repetitive loop of physical pain and emotional anxiety. 
Would you like to be one of the 6 people to embark on an exclusive health journey of realignment for unlimited action and joy.If you are interested in being part of the cohort for The Revive Program 2023 then get in touch, only six people can be in the group and registration will finish on 9th January.If you are wanting to have a chat about being part of the 6 month program then please get in touch.  Or if you look at the comprehensive program but think you would like to do one aspect of it, then let us know you interest, as we will be running separate courses for each part of the system in the New Year.
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